City of High Point, NC

My experience with Carl Walker has been very beneficial. I have found the staff to be extremely qualified professionals who work hard to ensure the very best results possible. They look at every detail of a project.documentation is prepared to ensure that parking specific items are included during planning and remain in focus through project completion. Their efforts resulted in a successful project that exceeded my expectations. I have the highest regard for all services provided by Carl Walker.

Ken Honeycutt
Director of Parking, City of High Point, NC

City of Fort Collins, CO — Downtown Strategic Plan

My experience with Carl Walker has been positive from Day One. They were our parking consultants for the Fort Collins Downtown Strategic Plan. Throughout the project their interaction with city staff and stakeholders showed a breadth of knowledge and an in-depth understanding of our issues and concerns. They applied innovative solutions to our unique situation. From a project management perspective, Carl Walker was on top of things. They were always timely and responsive, and follow-up was complete and to-the-point. After our project concluded, we continued to communicate and discuss ways to apply the knowledge and solutions that were embedded in our detailed parking plan. I am very appreciative of the hard work, the skills, the management ability, and the expertise that Carl Walker brought to our project. I would hire them again in a heartbeat.

Randy Hensley
Transportation Planning & Parking Manager, City of Fort Collins, CO

International Downtown Association

I have worked with Carl Walker for more than 15 years, through projects that have included design, construction and maintenance of parking facilities, management of parking systems, and consultations with cities, civic organizations and private firms. They provide the highest quality service time after time. In a business with its share of surprises, it’s wonderful to find a firm that you can count on one that always strives for excellence.

David Feehan
President, International Downtown Association

Capital City Development Corporation — Various Parking Consulting Assignments

Carl Walker brought to the downtown Boise community a strong base of parking knowledge and resources; a wide diversity of experience in downtown environments and the parking business; and the willingness to engage with stakeholders and owners in sometimes difficult discussions about the realities of parking. We cannot recommend them more highly.

Max Clark
Parking & Facilities Director, Capital City Development Corp., Boise, Idaho

SUNY Downstate Medical Center — Parking Structure Restoration

It has been a pleasure and honor to have worked with Carl Walker. Staff should take pride in properly pinpointing the areas of concern in order to make this a safe facility…keeping costs to a minimum was an attribute to their honesty, integrity and professionalism.

Ted Raderman,
Facilities Program Coordinator, SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport — Parking and Shuttle Operations Review

Now that we have had sufficient time to read your final report for the Parking and Shuttle Operations Review, we want to thank you for your efforts on this project. The final report is very comprehensive and full of detailed information, especially in the areas of primary focus for this project such as the review of parking revenue control and accounting systems. We also recognize the extra efforts you invested in this project such as adding a high-level review of GTSA revenue control and in identifying a number of potential opportunities for cost savings and increased efficiencies in shuttle operations. We value your expertise in the areas covered by this review. Also, your cooperation, flexibility and assistance throughout the project and in response to our final questions were greatly appreciated.

Jim Smith
Executive Director, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority — Parking Structure Conditional Assessments

The Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority hired Carl Walker because we knew they could accurately assess the condition of our parking structures and recommend cost-effectiveness repair options. They seem to work with us and not just for us.

Susan Pollay
Executive Director, City of Ann Arbor DDA, Michigan

Carilion Health System — Parking Garage Designs & Campus Parking Study

Carl Walker has demonstrated exceptional professionalism in all their projects. They have applied the right resources throughout project duration. Their willingness to support owner’s needs and requirements has been consistent and remarkable. Their efforts are marked by integrity, thoroughness and technical prowess. Their detail oriented approach results in exceptional documentation and minimal revisions. Their personnel is very cooperative and supports a great team environment with owner and contractors. Overall, we have been very satisfied by their services and we would gladly use them in the future.

John Christodoulides
Carilion Health System

Fort Wayne, IN Downtown Improvement District

Carl Walker is the best parking consultant working in the country these days. There are many cities trying new things and Carl Walker is in the middle of many of them. We don’t need information, we need wisdom, and they can provide that because they specialize in one thing: parking. Now implementing the many changes contained in the study, suggested by a careful study of our circumstance and by best practices in other places, needs to occur or the money invested in wisdom will have been wasted. The work completed by Carl Walker is far beyond what some local college student could compile.

Dan Carmody
Executive Director, Fort Wayne Downtown Improvement District

Capital City Development Corporation, Boise, ID – Alternative Parking Financing Methodologies Study

Parking is a factor in virtually every development scenario, especially the urban revitalization projects that are Strategy 5’s focus. Carl Walker’s expertise in the field of parking is unparalleled in our opinion, and we have come to highly respect their pragmatic yet creative approach to solving critical parking supply issues.

Ernest Bleinberger
Principal/Co-Owner, Strategy5, LLC