Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Comprehensive Downtown Parking Study

The City of Eau Claire was experiencing significant redevelopment activity downtown. Carl Walker conducted an evaluation of the current parking operation to determine how much parking would be needed to support future development. The study also included evaluations of the two existing municipal parking structures to determine future repairs and evaluate potential functional improvements to make the facilities more user-friendly.

The City was also interested in developing a more comprehensive parking strategy downtown. A major component of this study effort also involved extensive stakeholder outreach that included an online survey, small group meetings, individual meetings, two “office hour” sessions where individuals could schedule time with the consultant, and a public open house session that provided a summary of primary findings and recommendations.

The Scope of Services included:

  • Parking revenue and expense analysis
  • Existing signage, branding and advertising and provide commentary and analysis
  • Parking planning, management & operational analysis
  • Future study area parking conditions to determine future parking demand analysis
  • Parking Access and Revenue Control (PARC) equipment analysis
  • Online parking survey
  • Establish parking rates that encourage effective use of parking infrastructure
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