Colorado State University

South College Parking Structure

The South College Parking Structure at Colorado State University is constructed of integrally-colored architectural precast concrete with hand-laid sandstone. The interior is open with long-span construction and no solid interior walls. The stairs are glass-enclosed and the elevators are glass-backed with glass doors. This building is designed to accommodate a future horizontal expansion to the south and a photovoltaic (PV) array above the roof level.

The ground floor of the garage is reserved entirely for visitor parking with pay-by-license revenue collection. Parking enforcement throughout the garage is by vehicle-mounted cameras, license plate recognition (LPR) technology, and data-uplink to the parking database. A parking guidance system (PGS) with occupancy detection and red/green/amber/blue LED lighting at every covered parking space speeds up space finding. It provides continuous monitoring of the garage occupancy and usage. Six parking spaces are reserved for electric vehicle charging, and 5% of the parking in the garage is reserved for fuel-efficient vehicles in preferred locations throughout the garage.

Owner: Colorado State University

Role: Structural Engineer, Parking Consultant

Size: 664 spaces, 4 levels

Structural System: Precast

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