Any Façade. Any Problem. We’ve got you covered.
Façade distress or deterioration can come in many forms.

Kent State University McGilvrey Hall Façade Restoration

A historic façade restoration with modern techniques.

Grand Rapids Community College Case Study

The Bostwick Parking Structure at Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) was at a crossroads in 1987.

New Parking Structures

2017 Parking Structure Cost Article
National medial parking structure construction cost 2017.

Pros & Cons of Design-Build
The advantages and disadvantages of the Design-Build delivery method for a parking structure construction project.

Precast vs. Cast-in-Place: How Do They Compare?
The two primary structural systems used for parking structures today are precast concrete and cast-in-place (CIP), post-tensioned concrete.

Planning a Parking Structure Expansion
In today’s competitive market, many property managers are finding that their parking supply is not enough. The answer: Expand your existing parking structure. Sounds easy, right? Not necessarily. In this article, we’ll offer you some advice on things to consider in planning a parking structure expansion.

Sustainable Design Features in Parking Structures Offer Real Benefits
Creative amenities enhance the customer experience in parking.

Integrating Parking in High-Rise Residential Buildings
Providing parking for high-rise residential buildings can prove challenging.

Underground Parking Structures Can Offer Long-Term Benefits
Underground parking structures have become more commonplace as land values in urban areas rise, and as city planners push for mixed-use developments to incorporate parking.

Parking Facilities… Not Just For Cars Anymore
Multi-Purpose. As consumers, we all seem to gravitate towards this word frequently these days, since our first thought is typically “greater versatility and value.”

Studies & Operations

Successful Strategies for Selecting your Next Parking Technology
Off-street parking technologies have come a long way in the past few decades.  The parking environment and its operational dynamics continue to change as application of these technologies expand and new approaches take hold.

Integrated University Access Management Programs
A two part series: Parking consultants provide professional services in the areas of parking planning, parking studies, parking structure design, parking operations consulting, parking facility maintenance and parking structure restoration.

University Access Management Programs — Part I

University Access Management Programs — Part II